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Workamajig University: Observations and Insights from an intense Project Management Seminar

I recently attended a four day training event to learn how to use Workamajig, hosted by Creative Performance Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in agency operations. Prior to this opportunity I was not familiar with Workamajig, a web-based integrated project management tool for the creative industry. “Integrated” in this context means the single application includes [...]

Information Quality – A shift in focus is imminent for all web workers

The Internet facilitates human conversation, and is manifested as mostly text and visual ques. The hierarchy and order of which users experience the text/visuals is coordinated by organizational executives, designers, and information contributors. Experience is mapped as paths through elements intended to inform or persuade the user. The user, however has their own conceptual model [...]

Why you do not know your company’s IQ

IQ is Information Quality. If information represents language and meaning, quality represents the effectiveness of that communication to present meaning in that language. The concept of information quality has been around since the inception of language. Philosophers master language and meaning, to develop patterns that simplify the presentation of information as a situational context. Relating [...]

On the “New Economy” of Quality Information

We run the risk of becoming too intellectualized, ie. Structuralism versus Post-Structuralism. I fear we will repress our innovation to disregard concepts that have abstract meaning, and look to empty materialism and “false nouns” to fill the void. Business will inherently be linked to the evolution of language. We need to make knowledge accessible, not [...]