About Me

I live and breathe web project management.

Ryan Gensel

Work Experience

An imbedded member of the CPI travel team, working first-hand with many of the country’s premier Marketing and Advertising Agencies. My primary responsibility is to partner with CPI clients and provide ongoing project management expertise and support, from initial audits to technology deployment/redeployments through to post launch support. As a Project Specialist, I partner with CPI’s Operations and Accounting Specialists to customize, visualize and document efficient and effective operational processes, as well as configure technologies based on CPI best-practices.
Secondary responsibilities include supporting CPI’s internal project management as well as collaborating with the Director of Training on IP development, best-practice development, seminar content and training.

Created and evolved a sales strategy that attracts and wins high profile projects which feed multiple resource groups. Managed incoming project requests, evangelized the development process, refined project scope, and educated stakeholders about the benefits of doing business with Planet Argon. Qualified opportunities, negotiated with clients to determine an initial statement of work, created a ballpark estimate, structured an engagement that maximizes revenue potential, and presented the project proposal. Balanced time spent grooming known deals while making outgoing introductions to maximize and stabilize the sales pipeline. Created and refined the best strategy for identifying, researching, and artfully cold contacting prospects to discuss project opportunities. Forecasted the closing of deals to anticipate resource demands, lead the migration to Sales Force, and documented the status of sales to keep management aware of the pipeline. Orchestrated and contributed to the optimization of marketing collateral, managed advertising, and launched a successful Adwords campaign. Represented Planet Argon in strategic relationships to peer agencies and established relationships in order to gather business intelligence about organizational management, ideal clients, and strategic planning.

Utilized and executed multiple project management strategies, utilizing agile, Scrum, TDD, and formal PMBOK methodologies depending on unique characteristics of the project, account, and communication constraints. Forecasted project budgets, account budgets, resource availability, and potential profitability to anticipate gaps in resource work, risk, and needs for new skill sets. Managed the resource availability of designers, developers, and senior staff to maximize the productivity of our team, while maintaining project quality, employee quality of life, and long-term sustainability of the processes. Created and implemented the processes to coordinate launch release support that completed development, performed quality assurance, and provided access to client evaluation in parallel. Delegated tasks to the most efficient and capable resource depending on availability, profitability, and short-term velocity. Managed the expectations of client teams of project managers, vice presidents, and directors as well as colleague designers, developers, and partners. Worked with accounts whose budgets and direction evolved with the success and maturity of the product we created together. Participated in the interviews and evaluations of job seekers to represent Planet Argon’s ethos, collaborative environment, and the organization’s visions of the future. Managed and issued invoices for client projects and worked with their management on unique format and categorization for quarterly or yearly budgeting and procurement requirements. Reduced the distractions of my team and partners by eliminating impediments and acted as a corporate liaison to vendors.

Developed HTML/CSS/eRuby accurately to wireframes and project specifications. Efficiently utilized team member time while interpreting and executing project duties. Estimated, built, maintained, and tested code (in six browsers), to assure non-destructive changes to project code-base. Initiated projects and prepared development team with terse project briefings. Understood the role of business objectives, and approached constraints with empathy to client priorities while protecting usability. Corresponded with client teams to quickly remedy issues and progress task completion. Kept accurate, detailed, and up-to-date time records. Quickly grasped new concepts and learned new skills, demonstrated the endurance to work with a highly collaborative team. Respected, supported, and encouraged team members. Executed marketing tasks and actively pursued new responsibilities.

Initiated projects and defined preliminary scope based on sales proposals, client requests, or verbal project briefings. Developed process diagrams, procedure documentation, work breakdown structures, and resource availability schedules. Balanced the multi-dimensional interactions of project input, and enforced procedures to regulate scope creep. Coordinated organizational interfaces to delegate and perform project tasks. Documented the impact of approved changes, and monitored results to determine if corrective or preventive actions were indicated. Translated technology capabilities into strategic business opportunities. Forecasted when existing technology would not meet future market requirements, initiated experiments to foster innovation and supplement incremental improvements through practice. Maintained a balance of innovation without overloading organization, coached associates, and earned the confidence of peers through technical prowess and performance.

Prescribed the appropriate approach to consulting endeavors, balanced the role of expert technician and project facilitator. Took action when a problem needed to be solved or an opportunity exploited, and learned the required skills to complete project tasks. Designed engaging online experiences and evolved project fulfillment procedures.

Engineered intuitive websites, focused message toward select demographics, and scripted accessible sites inspired by client input, industry research, and functional prototypes. Increased project acquisition, technology solution-offering, and matured proprietary content management framework.

Attracted, proposed, and negotiated client projects, researched product lines, hosted networking events, and represented consultancy to business community. Increased sales, reorganized service delivery model, and forged strong alliances with product manufactures.